A Holistic Practice in Energy Medicine; to bring Balance and Harmony to any situation; an individual, a marriage, the land, a business, and so on.


Transforms the heavy emotional energy in the chakras associated with trauma and disease into nourishing life energy.


Identifying and extracting crystallized energy that embeds itself within the body +/or a fluid entity which embeds itself within the central nervous system, often producing anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings and a host of other symptoms.

Soul Retrieval

A recovering of the essential self that has been lost as a result of trauma. Recovering passion and bliss; and to discover the gifts and treasures you can bring into the world.

Rites and Ceremony

Munay-Ki: The 9 Great Rites of Passage

Receive and learn the exact form of these nine sacred rites for individual transformation and to teach and mentor others.




Despacho Ceremony: The despacho is a gift or a give away and constitutes the central axis of energetic exchange for healing, reestablishing perfect ayni (right relationship) including heaven and earth or protection.  Available for individuals and or groups session.

Clearing or Blessing:  Energy clearing or blessing for home, land, office and individual, and or relationship.

Final Rites

Creating space and healing for a loved one to consciously cross into the spirit world. You do not have to be a shaman or priest to perform the Final rites.






By appointment only, (In person or telephone sessions )

CALL/TEXT: 954-907-3006


*These healings are not limited to space and time as we know it in the Western world and therefore can be performed remote from a distance. Phone sessions are a common practice.

I look forward to being of service to you-



*Medical or psychological consultations are not part of my services and are to be done with your doctor or mental health professional.