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*Learn to make an Authentic Native Drum
*Learn to create Traditional Native Prayer Ties
*Connect your Heart Beat & Drum to the Earth
*Make your own Leather Drum Beater
*Celebrate in making your own sacred drum now

Other: Pot luck lunch, all attending requested to bring dish and drink(s) to share with the community.  Bring a Friend they will be glad you did!!

*DEADLINE: Registration Deposit Required to place your drum order and hold your place.  Balance due in full (cash) prior to start of workshop event.

Drums are 15″ Maple Frames, and your choice of drum hide is  “Elk, “Deer, “Horse.  also included is a leather drum beater for you to also build.      

Note: Hides are gathered in a good way and come from a sacred source.

Cost for 15″ drum and leather drum beater: $168.00 for Deer or Horse , +$9 for Elk $177

Day includes guided instructions, all drum making materials, choice of hide and personal leather drum beater.  *Deposits non refundable, yet transferable.  Balance ($80) due cash prior to start of class. Space limited so register today.  Bring a friend they will be glad you did!!

 < DEER Deposit $88.00

 < HORSE Deposit $88.00

 < ELK Deposit $97.00

Ever any trouble with PayPal button please call us at 954-907-3006

If you can not attend this day event, yet would like to purchase a drum, contact us as we can make one for you.  Or if you wish to hold your own event contact us today to host one for you.

Call Today for details 954-907-3006 

A Beautiful Hand Made Drum makes a great Gift.

Want to host your own Drum Making Workshop contact 954-907-3006 for full details and schedule.

Be Sure Upon Registration Payment to select which Drum Hide you prefer;


NOTE: Hides are 100% natural and will vary in color and thickness



This Day you will be expertly guided and hear personal stories as well as the legend and lore of the Native Drum, its importance , and some traditional ways the drum is still used today in ceremony, as well as how you may use yours in a good way for your life journey.   You will learn the Lakota way of making prayer ties for your drum, including the significance of these prayers in reverence and connection with your drum, your heart beat, Mother Earth and all her/our relations. 

We Gather in a Sacred Way as One Community!

Mitakuye Oyasin’ ( All My Relations)

Questions or contact Email:  info@careystokes.com

Phone 954-907-3006







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