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The Ancient Art of Soul Retrieval

 written by Carey Stokes for Sedona 2012 Now Festival

What is Soul Retrieval? 

Why is it so important? What are the benefits?  How does Soul Loss occur?


Soul Retrieval is a proven, ancient healing practice that has been performed by medicine men and women around the globe for tens of thousands of years.

These Medicine people knew long ago the important benefits of Soul Retrieval, and its integration process.  Mending and healing the soul takes place when the essential part, or parts are recovered, returned, and integrated back with a safe, and clear intent to the individual.

Before we fully understand Soul Retrieval we must first understand Soul Loss.  Soul Loss occurs when the world as we know it is suddenly perceived as unsafe, as when a traumatic incident occurs in our life.   When this traumatic incident happens, we instinctively engage in a flight or fight response, where we are called to either run, or fight, typically though we do not do either, often we are either to small, weak, afraid, in shock, etc. to do anything but freeze up, as the world around us is no longer perceived as safe.

So when our world suddenly is deemed unsafe, our survival instincts kicks in, then an essential piece of our Soul we associate with the incident will fragment, and flee to safety, seeking safety in the sacred domains on the Lower world.  Mythically the lower world is the belly of the Earth, that deep rich feminine energy of Mother Earth, that mother who is always with us, it is where the Soul finds Safety, here in these domains it will be protected and take up residency in what is known as the “Chamber of Grace”.

You must understand when soul loss happens, it is due typically to the inability to cope, unable to handle the overwhelming pain associated with the event taking place.  A soul part fleeing is an essential form of our own protection.  One in which faced with a trauma that occurs where the world no longer is deemed secure/safe.

The shaman, or medicine person journeys in state of altered consciousness, into the world of Spirit, often with his/her own spirit helpers along side,

exploring clearly and effectively the domains of the lower world, to locate, negotiate and bring home this soul (quanta of) energy to the individual whom it has gone missing.

So the effects when this soul piece fragments, and flees to safety, is that person who experienced the loss then enters into a new state of being, of being informed, a new yet ineffective contract is entered into in which the person starts to become informed, and hence often times does not understand even why life is not as glorious as they have wished, imagined, or dreamed it to be.

For this poorly written contract in which entered into simply so one will feel safe, it is survival instinct, and act of the emotional Limbic brain, one of four regions of the brain that act on such instincts to survive.

There are many different examples of why soul loss happens, here is one to help understand more clearly –

Lets say a young vibrant child was born into an abusive situation, verbal or physical, their flight or fight response is engaged.  Since they typically can not run, nor fight, as they are to small, weak, no where to go, their world immediately becomes unsafe and hence soul loss occurs. The soul must flee to survive.

So how does the contract come in to play? Well we are all born in this world with a contract for our higher good, so imagine this little child’s original contract to be “I am going to be Big Voice in the world, and make a difference”, and due to the effects of soul loss, and the need to feel safe, that soul enters into a new self defeating contract,  aka; “If I just keep quiet, I will be Ok” , or  “ If I just stay out of the way, no one will bother me, notice me”, or “ I can not trust anyone when I voice myself in the world”.    Get the idea? So in turn this actually derails the destiny of the child, and although one continues on journey through life, they often have these repetitive patterns of the unhealthy spouse, job, boss, illness, addictions, with feelings of being incomplete, confused, not fitting in, depressed, and so on.

So this soul loss contract entered into, although deemed necessary at the time for survival, in fact derails ones true destiny.  Causing a number of effects and feelings one often can not determine where or why they are happening, and one finds themselves asking, whats going on in my life? or why me?

Potential signs of Soul Loss are, feeling depressed, disconnected, no purpose, lack of energy, drive, desire, confusion, abandonment, feeling or sensing being incomplete (not whole), stuck in repetitive unhealthy patterns, addictions (drugs, sex, alcohol) and so forth.

Soul retrieval brings back the sense of safety to ones life, along with healing gifts, tools and power sources to integrate and to write a New affirming contract with Spirit.  Their soul declares, “My New contract with Spirit is……….”   A new contract that reminds, and empowers the individuals soul.

This recovery and beautiful integration of the soul, I believe is one of the most powerful, fast, and effective ways to bring about personal healing, transformation, balance, wholeness, harmony to an individual that I have ever witnessed.

As we each heal individually, we heal collectively, and we then make the shift for a better world, today (the Now Age), and that will carry on for the generations that will follow.

In the Sedona 2012 Festival workshop we will explore this ancient art of Soul Retrieval, experience the journey to retrieve that which may be missing from your essential self, your Soul, and hence from your life.  Reclaim the life affirming contract that will fulfill your dreams, your desires.  Discover a world that once again is deemed a safe place, where you are no longer are informed from past trauma.  Instead you recognize, embrace, and bring your soul whole, allowing your true gifts and talents to come forward into the world, to live a fuller, happier, healthy life, …the life you were destine to lead.

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*Carey is Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine.  Native American in lineage and heart drew him to explore the Indigenous ways of living in balance and harmony.  He has spent many years of sacred time in ceremony with Native American Wisdom Keepers, as well as the High Mountain Q’ero Shamans of Peru. He lectures, teaches workshops and trainings, and leads groups on authentic Sacred Journeys in the U.S. and Abroad with Indigenous peoples of North and South America, and has a Private practice in ‘Energy Medicine’ in South Florida. (Retreats to: Peru; Machu Picchu,Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca, North & South Dakota, Montana, Costa Rica, among others)  For more on Carey visit

Carey is married Elsa Stokes, Author, Angel Communicator, and Founder of, and Angel DNA Health Practitioner Certification Program , for more on Elsa visit