Skills Series


AN 8 Part Series of Shamanic Skills: 
It is not necessary to take these in order, however some skill classes will have prerequisite(s) to attend.  Questions call 954-907-3006
SKILLS 1: The art of CER, (Clean, Enlighten, Recharge)
Balance e the entire Chakra System and Energy Body.  This is where your skills become an art.
SKILLS 2: Removal of Heavy, Crystal and or Fluid Energies. 
One of the most useful and necessary skills to assit your client to release unwanted energy in many forms from, mental, emotional, and physical.  A new found freedom.
SKILLS 3: Learn the Ancient Art of Soul Retrieval
How this in one of the most empowering processes on the planet today.  Recover lost parts of the soul and other key energetic gifts and power to become whole once again.
SKILLS 4: Transitional Rites of Passage & Ceremony. 
Explore the wisdom, and energetic power of these ancient ways of being and how they upgrade your Luminous energy and overall life.
SKILLS 5: Advanced Tracking & Interpretation skills. 
Learn to taste, smell, sense, feel, see , hear in both the world of form and matter to that of pure energy and spirit and how these skills increase your service and practice.
SKILLS 6: Discover the Power and Art of the ancient “Despacho” Ceremony. 
Learn how and why this is done for individuals and groups.  Connecting to the Luminous matrix of the Universe for reciprocity and healing.
SKILLS 7: Etiquette, Intention, & Purpose through Ceremonies & Rituals. 
The invitation for direct revelation of ancient wisdom, power and grace.  Connecting properly for the higher good of all in a pure, strong way.
SKILLS 8: Ultimate Energy Medicine for Client sessions. 
Here we are explore all the tools we have that complement, combined for our clients ultimate health, healing and well being.

SKILL 1:  Learn how to combust old toxic imprints in the Luminous energy field, to clear out low vibrational or toxic energy from the 7 major chakras, and in return bring back the natural luster, vibration, and vitality of each.  Your clients will feel refreshed and energized.

SKILL 2:  Learn essential tracking skills, locate and understand how to remove crystalized energy from the Luminous Energy Field, assist the Physical body to recover quickly.  Learn proper and protected way to extract unwanted energies or entities that often consume your clients life.   Understand why this is so important , empowering, and healing to your clients.

SKILL 3:   Learn the ancient art of journeying into sacred time, where time loops back onto itself like a giant wheel, or fiqure 8.   Know properly how to recover lost parts of ones soul, the essential energy that derails ones true destiny, recover this quanta piece of energy(s) and return it safely home to allow that client to be whole again.  This service has been performed for thousands of years by ancient medicine men and woman of the North and South America.

SKILL 4: Learn the art of helping one cross over to the other side consciously, peacefully:  Learn how to assist a loved one, or client ,safely and in peace to the Spirit world.  Knowing the key tools to helping one transitioning without fear, with dignity and consciously.  The transitional journey to the other world.  As chief Settle once said ” There is no death, just a change of worlds”   A greater gift you could not give to another.

SKILL 5:  Experience tracking at all four perceptual states and then some.  We explore the ancient art of tracking to remote viewing.  This enables you to be of the utmost service to your loved ones or clients.

SKILL 6:  Learn this ancient art of Despacho. Why it is so powerful and still practiced today as it was thousands of years ago.  Artfully weave the mystic with the mythic and experience the energetic shifts in your life.

SKILL 7:  Discover a deep way to holding sacred space. Proper Etiquette when doing so, with clear intention and purpose.  Ultimate ways in working with your sacred tools, mesa, fire , and all ceremonies of ancient rites and or rituals.

SKILL 8: Understand the full Intake and Exit process of working with your clients.  Discover through a body of  specific processes, journeys, and tracking skills to find the energetic threads that your client need to break free of and the soul map in which to send them home more healthy and whole.  Leaving your client empowered, refreshed and anew, launching them on a healing journey.



 < SKILLS 1 Paid in Full/ $550 
 < SKILLS 1 / Discount for Advanced Payment / $495
 < SKILLS 1-8 Paid in Full / $3600 (Save $800)